Resin Art Gallery

Creative Modern Art Gallery producing Stunning Shine with Glass like Results! 

Original Art Gallery paintings using Mysterious Abstract Painting style that will Invigorate your Interior Design Ideas ~ Gail Knight, Resin Art Gallery. 

The material itself, epoxy resin, is my inspiration! The shiny, sparkly finish is out of this world. You really have to see it to appreciate. Photo's do no justice to the glass like finish which cannot be seen in photographs. The preparation for the abstract paintings sees the liquid resin and the liquid hardener clash with an element reaction uniting as one, this is the raw beginning of my creative process, applying colour, heat, texture and vision to the selected primed canvas ~ I hope the modern art for sale in my art gallery inspires you!  ~ Gail Knight

Read more about Gail Knight and her Mysterious and Unique Abstract painting Style displayed in this Art Gallery ~ The only Top UK Artist when it comes to Modern Art for sale using Resin & Mixed Media!

Need Creative Interior Design Ideas?

Abstract paintings from Resin Art Gallery will Compliment any room, from Dining to Bathroom with a Unique Interior Design style of modern art for sale!

This Abstract Paintings Art Gallery offers Modern Art for sale with Interior design in mind providing an original Art style using Epoxy Resins to deliver interior design inspiration for your beautiful room.